Medical Aromatherapy

3 drops of essential oil = 1,000 herbal teas
In Quebec, few people know that essential oils are not just used for cosmetics, but also treat very efficiently all kinds of diseases and infections. Some of them are actually more potent than antibiotics and are used in some hospitals to eradicate epidemics. In fact, bacterial or viral infections are the best indications for essential oils. But they also treat dermatologic problems such as eczema, psoriasis and herpes, or problems like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and bi-polar syndrom. Studies have shown their potency on cancer (causing cancer cell apoptosis) and auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis. They excel at regulating systems like blood circulation, immunity (including asthma and allergies), digestion or feminine cycles and menopause.

The virtual absence of side-effects (although some of them need to be handled with extreme caution) often make them superior to synthetic molecules. They also act with impressive rapidity. One drop of a specific essential oil under the tongue can calm tachycardia or a panic in one minute and it isn't rare to see all symptoms of an infection disappear after two days.

Born in France from a laboratory accident that showed the impressive action of Lavender on severe burns, Aromatherapy has developped ever since owing to researchers like Dr. Valnet, Franchomme or Pharmacologists like Dominique Baudoux and many others. All of them observed, measured and compared the effects of thousands of individual molecules that make aromatherapy a very potent medicine. Aromathérapie is widely used in Europe, where it was born and studied at first, and today, its influence knows no boundaries. Researches are being conducted worldwide even if in Quebec, the ignorance of its effects can create uninformed opposition despite the efforts of enthousiastic pioneers.

"Unfortunately", essential oils are natural products, and as such, cannot be patented. This brings them a crowd of greedy opponents worried by the low cost and efficiency of such a treatment. Let's wish that soon, the numerous advantages of medical aromatherapy will take down the walls on its way, here in Quebec and abroad.

What are Energy Therapies?

Energy healing and Reiki are commonly considered as relaxation and stress reduction techniques that  also promote the patient's self-healing capacity, but they are also recognized as having many other virtues, like treating pain. Energy healings are practiced by the laying of hands over the patient's body, in contact or not, according to need or preference and calls on the vital energies that surround us and their balancing virtues. These therapies have been practiced for millennia and on every continent, as shown by Eber's discovery of a Pharaonic treaty of medicine that states: "Put your hand on the pain and say that it goes away". And contrarily to popular belief, the effects of these therapies have been observed and measured in hospitals.

These holistic approaches cannot cause any adverse effect, except for, sometimes, a surge of existing symptoms or an emotional outburst a few days after the session. These effects vanish rapidly and correspond to the evacuation of the energy blockage causing the problem.

As a holistic approach, energy healing doesn't necessarily treat what the patient would like to see treated, but rather what is most urgent to his balance and general well-being.

What the french call "magnétiseur" (literally: magnetic healer) is known there for its results, and we see more and more doctors and surgeons recommend its use to their patients, as a complement to modern medicine or when their treatment has proven ineffective. These healers do not follow any particular training, or learn a technique, they inherit a gift, despite themselves. They have been practicing in Europe since ages and are quite common there. They treat, or at least relieve, almost any disease, but are mostly recognized for their success over shingles, burns, migraines, insomnia, back pains, sprains and arthritis.

These effects are not only observed on physical diseases but also on emotional problems such as depression, periods of difficulties, or when people feel outside their own path, when every decision is impossible and help is needed.

To get more familiar with "magnétisme", and if you read french, please consult the French syndicate of Magnétiseurs (SNAMAP) website (see Links).

Reiki is a known relaxation and stress relief technique, but many other effects have been observed, from pain reduction or relief or medicinal adverse effects reduction. Used as a complement to modern medicine it promotes self-healing.

It has been observed in US hospitals where Reiki was performed on patients that their hospital stay was reduced by half compared to untreated patients. That pain and side effects were noticeably lower and that the dosage of pain-relief medicine was considerably lowered (réf.: W. Lee Rand and Thierry Janssen). Toronto's Princess Margarett Hospital recently opened its oncology department to reiki practitioners. Add well over 10 000 US nurses trained to therapeutic touch, a healing method strongly resembling Reiki and "magnétisme" and you start seing that energy therapy is slowly becoming widely accepted, even in "scientific environments". For more info on Reiki, please consult the Canadian Reiki Association's website (see Links).

Let's wish that soon, the results of researches held in the United States, Switzerland and other countries will be more widely known, and that other independant researches be held to once and for all prove the benefits of energy therapies. 

Dr Bach's Flower Remedies Therapy

As a complement to energy healing, and an added support during difficult periods (mourning, depression, disease, drastic life changes, etc), Dr Bach's 38 different flower remedies' properties can tremendously help with their corresponding negative emotions. They help us learn and evolve towards their positive counterparts with progressive breakthroughs. Healing depends essentially on our mental attitude, and these essences while helping us envision things in a positive way do awake our self-healing capabilities and guide us towards emotional balance. Dr Edward Bach's theories on the true causes of diseases and his views on the responsibilization of the patient are very interesting (see recommended readings).

Personnalized mixes of Dr Bach's essences are available during the consultation for an extra $10. I use organic floral essences from Biofloral (France), Eska natural spring water (Quebec) and organic Brandy made by David Ramnoux in Charente (France). They are prepared according to the original recipe and packaged in sterilized bottles. I also recommend Herbarome or as alternate suppliers.

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